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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life in a metro!

Hello my readers, assuming people do read my blog!
This is my third post and i can tell you writing something constantly and posting it, is not as easy as i thought it would be. Office, studies and all other stuff take up so much of your time that i hardly get any to write or for that matter do anything i love. Hence, the delay!
Now coming to my new topic, 'life in a metro' , since most of my readers are indian, the first thing thing that pops in your mind would be Shilpa Shetty and Konkona Sen- but no i am not talking about that bollywood movie , what i am talking about is "The Metro" , the thing that made our life so simple, so easy. Being from delhi, metro is a big part of my life, it has made commuting so comfortable. I remember the times when all we had was auto rickshaws and taxis, how difficult was it to commute! Going to relative's place, school or anywhere with friends - we needed a person who could drive us there. Talking about my experiences,  my school was around 20 km far from my place and the day i missed the school bus, my dad had to drop me and my brother all the way to the school ending up being late for office. Ahh! The lectures post that sure made me hate school. Thankfully in the last two years of my school life, metro came into existence and we (me and my brother) were able to spare those long lectures about early to bed and early to rise!
Metro has changed our lives so much that i thought it deserves a little of our attention, so here i am writing my post about it.
Commuting from a corner of the city to another at such cheap fare is possible because of metro, otherwise we had to bargain, argue with the auto and taxi drivers to take us to our destination at reasonable fare, that too without AC! Which again depended on their mood.
Metro on the other hand, comes in every 3-5 mins, fares are fixed for all, it saves us from the heat in summers and the chilly breeze in winter, it is so clean, so comfortable! Yes there are more than a few "Vilambs" in our yatra but then it is the best public transport available!
Do you remember the time when there was no women's compartment? The time when short girls had to stand next to a guy holding the rod above and stinking real bad! Haha i am sure, you do.
But now, all the pretty ladies out there are thankful for ladies coach, our very own clean and compartively spacious coach!
Travelling alone past 7-8 was a dream for most of the indian women, which again metro has made feasible! Also, travelling in metro is not just safe but entertaining too, small kids dancing around the pole, girls chit chatting about guys, women discussing their family issues, you get such amazing stories!
One of the best stories that i have is about a girl and well, you know how adjusting we indians are, even in metro, seats designed for 4 have to bear the weight of 5! We just fit in somehow. So once, this girl was trying to fit in on the seat of four where already four aunties were sitting- the so called hatti katti aunties i.e the healthy ones! She sat there, on the edge of course where she was struggling to even sit properly, but seriously i don't even understand the point of sitting like that, but anyway she sat down and a few minutes later came a jolt, and the next moment i see her, she has landed with her butt on the metro floor! It was so funny. The poor girl, stood up, quietly went towards the gate and got down at the next station. I can't even imagine her plight. Yes she did give us a great story but i am sure it must have been one of her most embarrassing moments.
Coming to the point of giving due credit to the metro, well i am not alone. Have you ever checked out the confessions page on Facebook?  It has some hilarious content! Be it about how a girl lures a guy and then steals his phone or how the whole common compartment crowd stands on the joint next to the women's or about the first sight crushes, it has it all. I have read a few funny stories there too, i sometimes actually end up laughing for hours and yes blabbering the story way too many times to almost everyone i know! I am such a talker but wait, who is judging? Well, lets not! 
Frankly, stories or no stories I am just so glad about the fact that Metro came into our lives, it made commuting so convenient, i personally hate travelling in buses so metro is like the best thing when you can't drive yourself somewhere!
If you are a fan of metro, i hope you like my post as much as you like the metro and if not i hope this post inspires you to travel more in metro, ditch the traffic and enjoy such beautiful little things in life.
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