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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Well, my first one!

So, here i am writing my very first blog! Writing makes me so nervous and so powerful at the same time, it gives the freedom of expressing ourselves freely but takes away our beliefs- should we be writing what people want to read or what needs to be written, a dilemma we all face.
It was really hard for me to think of a topic for my blog, working in the corporate sector doesn't really give me time to form views about anything other than the office gossips and seriously who would want to read that!
I remember the last time i wrote something out of love for writing was in school, writing poems for teenage crushes , the love of our lives or so we believed. Thinking of all these things i thought of the final rescuer - Google! Haha, how much do we rely on these things.. i miss the good old days when we used to think till the idea popped in our heads. Anyway, so yet again i found nothing out of the box there, so i thought why not write about something that is inside the box..and well, here i am writing about how i came up with the idea of my first post!
I guess people are right when they say " do something you love and you'll always find your way".

Hoping to write about more interesting life crisis in the future.

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