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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Twiddledum and Twiddledeee!

Okay, so for this post i have got so many suggestions from my readers who are my friends but just because they have been so honest to me about my writing and so encouraging that i thought, let's write about these idiots only!
Friends, what are these, who are these people and how do they get to influence your decisions so much? Ever thought about all this? No, right? Its because nobody had to teach you the meaning of friends, be it your first time in school or first playground visit, you would always find a companion, a friend! Suppose its your first day in school, what would be one really excited about? Well, its not the teacher or the toys that interest you but the other kids of your age. You play with them, talk to them, tease them and that is what makes school fun!
Now, since you know what my post is about, you must be thinking what is "Twiddledum and Twiddledee", well, these guys are characters of a nursery rhyme , who would do mischief together, they were indistinguishable, isn't it just like friends we have in our lives, our partners in crime,  always doing something to get us in trouble, so similar yet so different from us!
So, these people who are like minded, who are in some way inspired by you and also inspire you are friends!
You must've heard that friends are family that you choose. Friends make you cry, make you laugh and do both at the same time too. Its like even if you have one good friend by your side, no matter how difficult time it is, you will be through it.
For me, i always bonded well with people who let me be silly around them, talk rubbish, crack lame jokes and laugh alone at them and are themselves really funny and silly! These are my kind-a people. I would wrestle with them, crack dirtiest jokes but they won't judge me. And frankly, i think i am really blessed to have a good share of such people in my life. These idiots, who apparently are my friends, my lifelines, mean a lot to me.
But its not like i've always been this lucky, i have had "the phase" you know! The phase where you have nobody, the phase where you feel really lonely. Times when you have no one to talk to. To really understand you must know that i was once a person who would share all the problems all the good news with almost everyone i felt a little connection with, i had a lot of friends, a lot of people i shared my secrets with but then time changes you, you mature with time and "the phase" did that to me. I had stopped sharing, i would sometimes not even know how to strike a conversation! It got to me really bad but you know how they say the only thing constant is change. Although in someway i enjoyed that phase too, had some alone time, started painting and stuff like that, at which i clearly sucked! But then had to do something, you know. Gladly, now i have such amazing people in my life that i am back to my old self! And my silly creative instincts are at peace and not asking me to paint again!
So, i matured, i learnt a few things, and this is one of the reasons that i cherish, love this bond so much! Friendship is too much to fit in words, it would never be enough. It is much more than many of us would understand. ❤
Coming to the fun part, well friendship not only makes you happy and giddy but teaches a lot of lessons too. They say there are no rules in friendship but there sure are some valuable lessons that i have learnt. But hey! I am no expert, i have just tried listing out some of my experiences with the moral of my stories. 
First, do not fall in love with your best friend!  - 
I shall start with my experience, i had this guy best friend and i had just came out of a very serious relationship, i was emotionally vulnerable. So this friend who was himself committed was always there for me, we would speak for hours on phone, always be together! It was all just really wonderful for me, the hard time didn't feel so bad with him being around! And then just somehow i don't even know how and when i fell in love! So typical, right? It happened, it so did. I kept it to myself but then when you have such feelings, it is there on your face. And soon, everybody knew! His girlfriend started having problems with me, things got bad! Our friendship got ruined. I got hurt, maybe his girlfriend too on some level. Today we hardly speak, and it is something i look back and laugh at but at that time, i remember the tear-y nights, hugging the pillow and trying to fall sleep! It was bad. So not only my personal experience but "kuch kuch hota hai" too tells us that when out of the two best friends one of them falls in love with the other one, not only that person gets hurt but also the friendship is ruined.
Having a relationship with your best friend is the best but make sure its not one sided!
Second, don't miss out on the fun - be it dancing in college fest or going on trips, getting drunk and doing stupid things, don't miss out on anything that can become some great memories. Silly fights, teasing each other, such small things can form such great bonds so easily , so imagine what trips and getting drunk would do. It always ends up with some great stories! So again, ill share my favourite story- my little gang and i went to this party and as expected everybody got really drunk there, so one of my friends who is a rare drinker took more than she should have and started saying things she shouldn't have, ended up puking on the food, the birthday cake, and soon everything was decorated with what was inside her few minutes ago!  She passed out which was better in someway but then we had to take her to her place which we didn't think was possible, so we tried dodging her parents call for a while, but you know indian parents, once they are onto something, they are faster than the FBI. So we had to give up, her parents threatened us to call the cops! Imagine our state, her parent's state, it was around  3 am in the morning, and we were at a petrol station waiting for them to come and get their daughter! It felt more like a movie kidnapping scene! Ultimately she got home safe, house arrested for more than few months. Haha. We felt so bad for her, but then things she did and said made our night. And even though we got in trouble, it was one of the best nights! Something to always remember. So yes, don't miss out on the fun, shit happens, you get over it but you end up with great stories. And isn't that something we all want!
Third, be there for each other - Well, this is something implied, friends help out each other, save each other's asses when in trouble, take the hit for them, if you aren't doing all this , its time to change! Become a little flexible, be there for your friend, good or bad, sane or crazy, right or wrong, just be supportive! After all a friend in need is a friend indeed. Its one of the important chapters of moral science books, remember?
Well, this is not a blog on how to make friends so i am done giving tips! 
I wrote this post as a tribute to friendship as you know the dedicated day to this bond has just gone!
Hope you liked what you read! 
P.S - Will try and be a little quick with the next one! Watch out the space for more

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