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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wicked Relationships!

If you are reading this, you ought to know that i am committed, its been more than three years and i love my man more than life. There is nothing that makes me happier than being with him.
Now as we know blogs are about writing what you feel, its like your diary except this one is public and well, its better to alter some details. But i have to be honest here, being in a relationship is tougher than you singles think it is. Yes, you have someone by your side all the time, someone you can talk to about anything and everything and at anytime. You can talk about what you had for dinner and even that feels worthwhile. It's all great!
But then again, (well, there is always a but) everything has its pros and cons, how about when you have a crush on someone and no, not your current lover, someone you met in the office, interacted a while ago, had a little eye contact and then you get damned as the guy turns out to be on the same floor as you- it gets complicated, so bloody complicated. You have such mixed feelings, comparing both of them, and then you reach to the point of thinking you might not have your first kiss ever again if you end up with your college sweetheart, the rush, the nervousness of a new relationship, these things that you miss out on. The love song you could relate to, doesn't sound so mystical then! Its like crossroads, wondering about 'The road not taken' .
Singles on the other hand can flirt with anyone they want, go wherever they want without talking to someone about it. They have the liberty to chill with anyone and everyone. Being close to a friend, having fun at a party would not end up in answering questions.
So which one is better, the singles chilling out, people having flings or the its been so long i want something new kinda relationships. Honestly? I don't know!
Talking about what i have and what i know is real relationships, sometimes you might wonder were you not truly in love that you found someone else attractive? Sometimes you want to let go of everything and start a fresh, the drama the fights even after all the efforts you put in your realationship, you want it all to go away. So let me tell you, when its been that long, they know you better than you know yourself. Talk about how you feel, how you used to enjoy the little benefits of being single, and that's it. Come to an understanding that flirting with other guys having little crushes is a sign of a healthy relationship. Trust is the foundation of this. Let this be in their knowledge and as long as they are cool with it, you've got yourself a golden deal. I consider myself lucky for having found a relationship like this, also he is my best friend so he has got to understand!
So even if it is tough, and i do miss my single life but there isn't a day when i regret being with him.
I'll just say be who you are and find someone that makes you happy or rather be someone that makes you happy. Suit yourself!
Enjoy being single? Stayy single!
Wanna get married? Go ahead!
Friends with benefits? Sure, why not!

Coming to the end of my post, i still don't know if relationships are wicked or virtuous, All i know is..
Relationship or no relationship,
Single or committed,
Nothing matters, just be happy, be you, do things you want to do! You only live once, remember? ;)

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  1. Keep up the honesty in your writing!

  2. Its really a good start with such a nice thought which drives you somewhere else and make you feel about your dear ones.
    keep on posting .

  3. Thank you yogesh! Means a lot. :)